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Localization & Coworking
  • Coworking centers, localization of software, a representative office in Brazil;
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal services;
  • Due Diligence
IoT solutions & ICT Convergence Service
  • Embedded Systems. Advertising DigiTech - interactive content, spatial experience video, project mapping, 3D hologram, areal mist display, 4k&8k display. Sound motion. LED & Displays, Installation and Illumination
  • Smart Restaurants, beauty saloons: robots, FA equipment, packaging, conveyor, communication tech, smart devices software.
  • Smart Home. Kitchen, Bath, Toilet, Garage
Big Data. AI & Business Automation
  • Edge AI. Natural Language Processing. Image and speech recognition.
  • Dialogue AI, ChatBots, Machine Learning.
  • Document Digitalization, Data Analysis.
  • Application: transport and logistics - automobiles, vehicles, airplanes, navy, trains, drones.
  • Navigation systems, weather forecast.
  • Education and training with added reality.
Hardware. Industry 4.0.
  • CHIP assembling, PCBA production, car batteries, cables, and assembling. Advanced packaging.
  • Solar panels and inverters
  • Stable internet and equipment - 5G
  • Molds & Flow Design, Smart Warehouse, Sorting & Packaging.
  • Industrial Electronics, Digital Twin & Metaverse
E-commerce. Smart Buy
  • DR Retail. Digital transformation B2B platforms
  • BTOB-EC payments, EC malls, order placement, receipt systems
  • IT & Environment ESG-strategy
Finance & Crypto-Market, Digital Finance. Invest in IT
  • Blockchain Technology in Banking;
  • Corporate contracts, export, and import contracts;
  • Local Legislation in finance and BACEN;
  • Crypto Exchange for Individuals and Companies;
E-government & Security
  • Federal and Municipal government
  • Taxes and IP. Comex. IBGE. GOV.BR. Electricity. Water
  • Cadaster and geodesy. Notary.
  • Accounting. Digital Signatures.
IT & Human Capital
  • Medicine
  • Sports
  • E-learning
  • Property Sales
  • Rental
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+55 21 999 79 22 88
Applications and inquires
Booth Price
Booth Information
  • Premium booth design for 18 sq.m or corner:
  • Backdrop 2.5m high built-in polywood structure, covered with plotted logo display (navy or white) and trapezoidal side support flaps in graphite MDF
  • Graphite color carpet, 2 LED 50w spots
  • 2 round tables in glass with a metallic base with 6 chairs
  • 2 press stands in MDF 75x40x100cms with a front panel with company logos
  • 2 electric sockets 220V with capacity 300w/2pcs
  • Basic booth design for space 9 sq.m.
  • Graphite color carpet, 2 LED spots
  • Front trapezoidal portal beamed in metal tubes; white panels 2,2 m h on the laterals
  • 1 round table in glass and 3 chairs
  • 1 press stand in MDF 75x40x100cms with a front panel with a company logo and 1 bar chair
  • electric socket 220V with capacity 300w/2pcs
Box booth
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IT companies take part in many events worldwide, especially in the

growing markets. ESG profile often collaborates with the strategy of

international organizations, governments and ISO standards, which

are crucial to supply big projects and big companies, such as:

• ISO 20121 Sustainable Events

• ISO 50001 Energy Management

• ISO 14001 Environmental Management

• ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases

• ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety

• ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

• ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management

The certificate confirms that sustainability and sustainable business

development are firmly embedded in your business strategy and

business models, actively improving your business climate footprint

and following responsibility for sustainable business.

The exhibitors who go through the terms will have your Brazilian

ESG certificate.

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