Brazilian Information Technology Show, focuses on integrating businesses and consumers in the most innovative and fast-growing industries of the country. Our team selects the best event locations and introduces our clients to the infrastructure and capabilities of the city and state in the IT industry.
Curitiba, Brazil
Location of the first BIT Show 2025
Why Curitiba?
Curitiba is the capital of the state of Paraná in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Paraná occupies a central position between the south and southeast of the country - from Curitiba, it is less than an hour's flight to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, the capital Brasília, the border with Argentina and Paraguay.
Just 100km from the city lies Brazil's largest grain and fertilizer hub, the Port of Paranaguá. Boasting the nation's top agricultural syndicates and global automotive giants, the state shines brightly. Curitiba, ranking among Brazil's top six GDP cities, stands as the coldest capital in Brazil's most energy-abundant region. It's the proud neighbor to Itaipu, the largest hydroelectric plant, and the breathtaking Cataratas waterfalls, South America's finest.
Most importantly, Curitiba leads in the number of registered small and medium-sized businesses, despite its relatively small population. During the pandemic, this was a particularly important indicator, which gave a huge impetus to growth now.
In addition, Curitiba is a Disneyland of cultures: Italians and Germans, Japanese and Chinese, Arabs and Jews, Ukrainians and Russians live here. There are mosques, Orthodox, Catholic churches, pagodas and Indian villages.
Diverse cuisine, rich city infrastructure with parks, no traffic jams, safety and cleanliness, high level of medicine and education, proximity to both mountains and the ocean - all these factors attract professionals who love comfort and safety and control time from other states and countries.
Visit or participate BIT Show, move from winter into summer,
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